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Co-packing: a solution for every product

Co-packing is both an art and a science. However, superior equipment and years of experience will always result in the right solution for you and your product - and that is exactly what MPH Co-Packing can offer you.

We have been co-packing specialists for almost 20 years, offering great capacity with 16 packaging lines. For food products and non-food products.

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Co packing

What does co-packing mean? Co-packing literally means ‘contract packaging’. But to us, it is much more than that. We offer packaging, but we also provide professional packaging advice, we can look after the entire packaging process from start to finish and there are many other services we can help you with. It means we are confident we have the right packaging solution for every product. What’s more, you can rest assured that we are working in accordance with all hygiene and quality regulations, as our equipment is fitted with advanced monitoring devices, including metal detectors.

Our packaging lines

Products together or individually, large or small bags, recycled plastic or cardboard: we can look after everything for you thanks to our many packaging lines. We are specialised in the following co-pack services: doypack, stand-up pouches, flowpack, sealing & shrinking, quadroseal, cartoning, transwrap, blister packs and jar filling. Our processes align closely with sustainability and usability trends for co-packing. The packaging industry is very innovative and we like to contribute by recycling certain light materials, among other things.

Guided tour

How can you be sure which packaging line is right for your product? How can you choose between large or small packaging? Or which material to use? It all starts with a personal meeting over a cup of coffee. Then, we will show you around our packaging factory, where you will meet the team, get a taste of all the different packaging options and working methods, and see the modern equipment we use for co-packing.

Packaging advice

Subsequently, we provide you with bespoke packaging advice. This means we will listen carefully to your requirements and give you suitable advice. The advice consists of the best type of material, packaging size, the design and packaging method. We can start co-packing for you after your approval. The result: superior packaging with the right look and image that meets food safety regulations exactly.

Flexibility, service and quality

MPH Co-Packing has the feel of a family business. It is how we build pleasant relationships with our customers. We work closely together and commit to each issue and challenge as a close-knit team. The way we work also allows us to be flexible and maintain short lines, and you can count on a short response time. We will reply to you as soon as possible and are happy to take rush jobs or urgent assignments, for which we also have an evening shift team available. We will keep on working until your order is finished.

Arrange an appointment

Do you have a question related to packaging? MPH Co-packing will engage with you to find a solution. Use our website to request a packaging quotation or make an appointment for an initial introductory meeting at our location in Nieuwkuijk. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions about co-packing. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Which packaging type is right for your product?

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