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Food packaging

The packaging industry is extremely innovative and firmly driven by trends, such as sustainability and usability. These trends are formed by the end-user’s behaviours and awareness.

Contemporary preferences include clear user instructions and ingredient transparency, manageable and lightweight materials that can be recycled, and pricing accountability.

Food packaging is a very specialised segment and subject to strict regulations relating to food safety, all these developments and the constant innovations related to packaging make it difficult to select the most suitable packaging and associated packaging method.

Let the expertise and experience of MPH Co-Packing in Nieuwkuijk support you. We have a wide range of equipment for food packaging and excellent service for your products.

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Packaging specialist with a specific focus on a productive and effective chain. We only use the highest quality equipment and packaging methods.



Thanks to our years of experience and our technical knowledge, we can provide the best advice on the many available packaging options.



Comprehensive support for your food and non-food packaging. Advisory in advance, decisive during the packaging process and committed to the possibilities.



Transparent communication and short lines throughout the entire co-packing production process.

Which packaging type is right for your product?

MPH Co-Packing  |  has packaging solutions for all products

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