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Packaging solutions

Packaging not only protects the product; it also creates a hygienic cover for food items.

The right choice of packaging and packaging method will ensure the right look and image for your product so that it stands out. The shape, size, colour, material and other options that enhance ease of use all contribute to the end-user’s ultimate choice when the product is on the shelves.

Whether the product is powdered, fine-grained, solid or granulated, we have worked with similar before and can offer you the most suitable packaging solution. With advantages for you and the end-user. Our solutions include transwrapping, cartoning, blister packs and quadroseal packaging.

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Packaging specialist with a specific focus on a productive and effective chain. We only use the highest quality equipment and packaging methods.



Thanks to our years of experience and our technical knowledge, we can provide the best advice on the many available packaging options.



Comprehensive support for your food and non-food packaging. Advisory in advance, decisive during the packaging process and committed to the possibilities.



Transparent communication and short lines throughout the entire co-packing production process.

Which packaging type is right for your product?

MPH Co-Packing  |  has packaging solutions for all products

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