We are MPH Co-Packing

Packaging products is our specialty. With a very diverse range of packaging methods, we always have a suitable solution for the product you want packaged. We have years of experience as a packaging company and offer the best quality. After 16 years of H and L Packaging, a well-known name in the industry, the decision was made to split the company as part of business succession.

MPH Co-Packing is a family business run by brothers Pascal and Martijn Hooghwerff. Ze richten zich volledig op het verpakken van je product en geven advies. Our company is characterized by the generous supply of 16 packaging lines for food products. We have broad knowledge of various packaging techniques and machines. Whether you choose to package candies individually or several at a time to cake and chocolate packaging, you can outsource it to us.

We work closely together and tackle each issue as a close-knit team. It also allows us to be flexible and have short lines of communication. For example, our response time is very fast. We will get back to you as soon as possible and take on emergency jobs. In case of emergency, you will be helped by our evening crew. These employees even work through the evening to ensure your order is completed on time.

Our packaging lines

Products together or separately, large or small bags, recycled plastic or cardboard: we arrange it all for you thanks to our large range of packaging lines. We specialize in the following co packing services: doypack, stand up pouches, flowpack, sealing & shrinking, quadroseal, cartoning, transwrap, blistering and jar filling. In doing so, the trends of sustainability and usability are at the forefront of co packing. The packaging industry is very innovative, and we like to contribute to that by recycling certain light materials, among other things.

Packaging Advice

We then provide customized packaging advice. This means that we listen carefully to your needs and come up with appropriate advice. The advice includes material selection, package size, design and packaging method. After your approval, we will start co packing for you. The result: high-quality packaging with the right look and feel, fully compliant with food safety requirements.

Co verpakking

What does co packing entail? Co packing literally means “contract packer. But for us, it is much more than that. Not only do we pack, we give professional packaging advice, relieve you from A to Z and offer you numerous different services. As a result, we have packaging solutions for every product. Moreover, you can be fully confident that we work in accordance with hygiene and quality requirements. In fact, our machines are equipped with advanced monitoring tools, including metal detectors.

Co packing is a profession in its own right. But with the help of high-quality machinery and years of experience, a suitable solution can always be found. And that is exactly what MPH Co-Packing has to offer you. Co packing has been our specialty for nearly 20 years and we have a generous supply of as many as 16 packaging lines. Both for food and non-food products.

Packaging company

MPH Co-packing is happy to support you in the entire packaging process from A to Z. You will receive extensive advice on the various packaging options and techniques. Then we expertly package your products in our production area. We have extensive machinery for various packaging methods. We can also take care of any storage, inventory management and transportation of your products for you. With our years of experience and technical knowledge, we can provide you with targeted advice and take all your packaging concerns off your hands.

Quality Policy & Certifications

Our quality policy aims to continuously improve people, organization and processes. With the result of being able to deliver a very high quality product for our customers and to the end user. The basis for this is our own quality department with specialized personnel in the food sector. MPH Co-packing BRC and IFS – through the officially accredited organization Lloyd’s Register – certified. We also hold a BIO certificate issued by SKAL and an e-weighing certificate issued by NMi. Our company has its own Technical Department, which has received a certificate as an approved training company, so we can transfer our knowledge to the next generation of specialists in food packaging. Our quality department has a close collaboration with Normec Foodcare regarding government level issues.

On-site tour

But how do you know which packaging line is right for your product? Whether you want large or small packages? What material do you want to use? It all starts with a personal conversation over a cup of coffee. This is followed by a tour of the packaging plant. There you will get acquainted with all packaging possibilities, our way of working, meet our employees and see what modern machines we work with concerning co packing.


Packaging specialist with a complete focus on a productive and effective supply chain. Working only with the best quality machines and packaging methods.


Thanks to those years of experience and our technical know-how, we can give you optimal advice on the many packaging options. Ask about the possibilities.


Complete support for packaging your food and non-food products. Advising beforehand, decisive during packaging and thinking along with the possibilities.


Transparent communication and short lines throughout co-packing production.

Make an appointment?

Do you have a packaging question? MPH Co-Packing is happy to think with you. You can request a packaging quote through our website or make an appointment for an initial introductory meeting at our location in Nieuwkuijk. Feel free to call or email us if you would like to know more about co packing. We will get back to you as soon as possible.