MPH Co-Packing is a family business run by brothers Pascal and Martijn Hooghwerff. they focus entirely on packaging your product and providing advice. Our company is characterized by the generous supply of 16 packaging lines for food products. We have broad knowledge of various packaging techniques and machines. Whether you choose to package candies individually or several at a time to cake and chocolate packaging, you can outsource it to us.

Our packaging

Doy pack

Our doypack machine is specially designed for filling sta packs. This form of packaging is mainly used in the food industry.


This packaging form is ideal for packing food in solid, powder and granular forms.


A stand-up pouch or pouch is a modern, pre-formed packaging form for and wide variety of products.


Cartoning is a form of packaging that uses high-quality printed duplex board to package unpackaged and already packaged items.


Flowpack is a popular packaging method in which a soft film encloses the product and is then sealed.


Blistering is a packaging method better known as the blister strip packaging.


A quadroseal package is an upright bag sealed on all four sides. This ensures that the packaging retains its shape.

Pot filling

Our potting line is running at full speed. It is a traditional and simple way to package your product.

Unlimited application possibilities

MPH Co-Packing has extensive machinery for different types of packaging. Our doypack machine is specially designed for filling sta packs. This form of packaging is mainly used in the food industry.

The preference for the doypack stems from the fact that it is easy to open, strong and flexible and also better for the environment. The design ensures that the packaging stays upright. Ideal for product presentation to the customer

Universal packaging form

Doypack – MPH Co-Packing Often doypacks and stand-up pouches are seen as one packaging solution. Yet there is a difference in these types of packaging. A doypack is formed by the machine and enters our packaging company as a roll of film. The stand-up pouches already have the shape of the finished product and therefore only need to be filled and sealed by the machine. A doypack is a sachet with a bottom fold. Deze verpakkingsvorm is modern en universeel en is een ideale manier om levensmiddelen te verpakken. Consider cakes, coffee, tea, spices, dried fruits, nuts, candy and seeds. At MPH Co-Packing, the filling process is done fully automatically by the special doypack machine in our machinery.


Packaging specialist with a complete focus on a productive and effective supply chain. Working only with the best quality machines and packaging methods.


Thanks to those years of experience and our technical know-how, we can give you optimal advice on the many packaging options. Ask about the possibilities.


Complete support for packaging your food and non-food products. Advising beforehand, decisive during packaging and thinking along with the possibilities.


Transparent communication and short lines throughout co-packing production.

Any questions about our services?

Would you like to know more about our services? If so, please contact us. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities. If you like, we will also show you around our factory so you can see the packaging and the packaging process for yourself. You are most welcome.