With transwrap packaging, you can go either way. Both a standing transwrap bag with a block bottom and a lying flat bag are among the options. This packaging form is ideal for packing food in solid, powder and granular forms. Also particularly suitable for packaging portion packs, also called bags-in-bag. Because of its relatively simple vertical packaging technique, transwrapping is used for many products and markets. The process is highly suitable for dosing, filling and packaging bulk products

The advantages of Transwrap packaging

  • Transwrap is a packaging with many possibilities.

  • This vertical packaging technology is suitable for dispensing, filling and packaging products.

  • It is ideal for foods in solid, granular and powder form.

  • At MPH Co-Packing, we can use transwrap to develop and fill different types of bags.

The technique

What the packaging technique transwrap entails can be explained in several ways. We start at the word. Transwrap can be translated as a wrap over or around something. The film runs over a form piece during filling. In this way, the machine wraps the film around the product. Transwrap is a vertical packaging technique that allows you to easily package bulk products. Landfill products to consider are chips, nuts, candy and powdered foods.
After filling, the top and bottom are sealed. This is done by hotseal. In doing so, we close the film using heat. This is not possible with all products. For sealing transwrap packaging of products that melt easily, we use coldseal.
Our transwrap packaging lines can be set up for different pack sizes. We perform transwrap packaging with and without Eurolock. The Eurolock is the hanging eye of candy bags, for example, or the handle on bulk packaging.

Food safety

We provide customized packaging advice after listening carefully to your needs. Packaging advice consists of the design, material selection, package size and packaging method. You may have initially had a flow pack in mind, but end up choosing transwrap packaging. For one product, a vertical packaging technique is more effective, visually appealing and better for shelf life than a horizontal packaging technique. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can guide you to the best end result. MPH Co-Packing operates in compliance with food safety, hygiene and quality requirements. For example, our machines are equipped with advanced control devices, including metal detectors.

Transwrap capabilities

A package with many different possibilities. That’s the transwrap. It is a packaging technique where various types of bags are possible. Consider a reclining flat pillowbag, a standing bag with a block bottom or a quadroseal package. Transwrapping is a simple packaging technique. As a result, it is used for packaging many products.


Packaging specialist with a complete focus on a productive and effective supply chain. Working only with the best quality machines and packaging methods.


Thanks to those years of experience and our technical know-how, we can give you optimal advice on the many packaging options. Ask about the possibilities.


Complete support for packaging your food and non-food products. Advising beforehand, decisive during packaging and thinking along with the possibilities.


Transparent communication and short lines throughout co-packing production.

Would you like more information about the Transwrap?

If so, please contact MPH Co-Packing. We are a packaging company and specialize in Co packing. That is the packing, repacking and wrapping of products (food and non-food) in packaging materials. As a packaging company, we do more than just co packing. From advice on different packaging options and techniques to packaging your products in our production hall with 16 packaging lines for food products. As a packaging company, we are happy to support you in the entire packaging process. MPH Co-Packing is a family-owned business. We build a fine relationship with our customers. Our close-knit team works closely together and tackles each issue together.