Blister packs

Blister packs: easy to use and suitable for pills and tablets

Blister packs are widely used in the medical industry. Therefore, chances are very high that you have come into contact with a blister pack at one time or another. You as a producer, as well as a customer, are consciously or unconsciously using this packaging method. Blister packs are used in both food and non-food industries. In blister packaging, also known as push-through strip packaging, a simple press exercise causes the product to come out of the package. A good example is a strip of gum, but also definitely a paracetamol or other type of pills. Because the pressure exercise can be performed lightly, the blister packs are easy to use. This is just one advantage of this packaging. In this article, we will introduce you to more advantages, for whatever products push-through strip packaging is used and what we can be of service to you.

The advantages of Blister packaging

Using blister packs carries many advantages. Besides the fact that a blister pack is easy to use, we share some more advantages of blister packs below.

  • The product (for example, a Chewing Gum) is packaged by the piece

  • The product is sealed tightly, ensuring a long shelf life.

  • The product is easily visible through the plastic packaging.

  • The number of products is easy to keep track of due to the blister packaging

  • Blister packs are sturdy and therefore the pills (or other contents) are well protected.

  • The user-friendliness of the packaging will make your product accessible to many people.

Blister packaging customized per product

Each product requires different packaging, which is why we also offer multiple packages. But when blister packs are chosen, there are plenty of options within this species as well. By using aluminum foil on the back of the blister, a blister pack is also partially recyclable, optionally the foil can also be printed with a logo and feature a print.
That’s why we think contact between you and us is so important. Together we look at what design you want and what we can do for you in it. Together we must be on the same page to design and produce the best possible blister packaging. From us you can receive comprehensive advice on packaging options and techniques. We expertly package your product in our production area.

What products do you use blister packs for?

Already briefly mentioned was the gum wrapper. But these are also products that you can have blister packs pack:

  • Nutritional tablets;
  • Vitamin tablets;
  • Cleaning tablets for the coffee machine, for example;
  • Hair growth tablets


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MPH Co-Packing for blister packaging and more

MPH Co-Packing is happy to support you throughout the entire packaging process. In addition to producing the blister packs for your products, we can also handle the storage and transportation of your packaged products.

Co-Packing has been our specialty for nearly 20 years and with our 16 styles of packaging, we can assure you knowledge and craftsmanship. Our company and employees have the necessary certifications. In addition to packaging, we think with you and provide you with professional advice. We can give you this advice during a tour of our factory. This will give you a good idea of how we work.

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