Stand up pouches / Doypacks

Stand-up pouches are flexible, lightweight containers that stay upright thanks to a sturdy oval molded bottom. They are suitable for light products and liquids and are mainly used in the food industry.

Stand up pouches and doypack – the 8 benefits

Stand-up pouches, including the doypack, have many advantages. This form of packaging is often chosen for good reason. They are like this:

Thanks to the relatively thin film used to make stand-up pouches, the packaging weighs a lot less than, say, a can or glass jar.

Because the stand-up pouch or doypack largely molds to its contents and can be perfectly sized, it takes up minimal space.

Doypacks and stand-up pouches are made of a waterproof film that is fully sealable. This makes them ideal for the food industry, for both wet and dry products.

The film of stand-up pouches is not thick, so it can be easily cut open or, with the help of a notch, torn open.

When the contents of a doypack are unlikely to be consumed in one sitting, a resealable strip can be applied. This happens directly during the packaging process.

The film of stand-up pouches is strong, so it can handle quite a lot. Bumps, scrapes, falls, a doypack can easily withstand it and won’t break down.

Thanks to the small amount of packaging material required proportionally for stand-up pouches and doypacks, this packaging method is better for the environment than many other packaging methods.

Because stand-up pouches stand upright rather than on a shelf, consumers can immediately see the brand, contents and further details you want to display. Thus, they are the ideal packaging for optimal product presentation.

Bespoke stand up pouches and doypack

MPH Co-Packing is happy to work with you to find the ideal stand-up pouches or doypack for your product. In doing so, we look at all the factors that are important to you. The size, color, strength, flexibility and resealability, for example. But also the printing. In this, anything is possible. Our doypacks can be printed in full color from edge to edge.

Doypack fully food safe

And of course, not unlike natural, we also look at food safety. Stand pouches are mainly used in food industry, so food safety is standard part of our packaging process for food products. Food safety is an absolute requirement and guaranteed with all our stand-up pouches. For example, our doypack machines are equipped with smart control devices to immediately notice inaccuracies in the process.

The difference between stand-up pouches and the doypack

With stand-up pouches, we also often refer to them as doypacks. It is actually a variant of it. In terms of appearance and properties, they are similar; you will notice little or no difference in the end result. Where the difference does lie is in the filling process. Het verschil zit hem in het vulproces.
With a doypack, we start with a roll of film that we still form into a stand-up bag ourselves before filling it. For this we use a special doypack machine.


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Vragen over Stazakken of Doypacks?

Want to know if stand-up pouches / doypack is the ideal form of packaging for your product? If so, please contact us. We are happy to advise you on these and other possibilities. If you like, we will also show you around our factory so you can see the packaging and the packaging process for yourself. You are most welcome.