For food and non-food
Flowpack is a widely used and versatile packaging method in both the food and non-food sectors. Packaging products can be done with multiple packaging forms and materials. Flow pack packaging provides a completely sealed layer around your product. MPH Co-Packing meets all food safety requirements.
A flow pack is a horizontal, plastic operation that is sealed using heat. With a flow pack, it is possible to combine several products together and package them as a complete finished product. Based on over 20 years of experience in co-packing, MPH Co-Packing gives you comprehensive advice on the various packaging options. We expertly package your products in our production hall where we have access to 16 production lines.

The advantages of Flowpack packaging

  • Flow pack packaging provides a completely sealed layer around your product.

  • Sturdy plastic packaging.

  • Is easy to open.

  • Increased product shelf life.

  • Opportunities to use 100% recyclable packaging

Flowpack applications

Flowpack Packaging MPH Co-PackingA popular packaging method in which a soft film encloses the product and is then sealed, that is flowpack. The combination with an extra bit of air and space between the product makes for a sturdy plastic package that is easy to open. This makes the flow pack suitable for many different products.

Flowpack packaging also provides a protective, completely sealed layer around your product. As a result, it increases the shelf life of a product. This is why it is a widely used packaging method in the food sector. Among other things, we package bags of spiced nuts and bags of mini breadsticks in flowpacks. A well-known example of flow packs in the non-food sector are the so-called pillow bags for cleaning wipes and moist toilet paper.

In recent years, there have been many innovations in the packaging industry. In addition to flowpack, we also pack many products with doypack and quadroseal packaging. Food packaging is also subject to strict food safety regulations. This makes it difficult for producers to choose an appropriate packaging method. MPH Co-Packing unburdens you with our expertise and experience as packaging specialists.

Flowpack for the food and non-food sector

Flowpack is perfect for horizontal or vertical filling lines and is especially widely used in the food sector for such things as cookies for coffee, slices or pieces of cheese, pre-cut vegetables and candy. This is because it protects the products and makes them last extra long. This is because flow pack packaging completely seals the products.

Flowpack packaging is also regularly used in the non-food sector. Among other things, flowpack packaging is often used there for moist toilet paper or cleaning wipes, but also for such items as soaps and toys. You can recognize flowpack packaging by its seal. This one, in fact, has three seal edges.

Sustainable packaging

In our current society, almost everything we buy comes in packaging. These are made of various materials. Examples include paper, cardboard and plastics. The production, use and disposal of all this packaging requires a lot of raw materials. This is harmful to the environment and leads to a scarcity of resources. Therefore, it is very important to package products as sustainably as possible. Fortunately, MPH Co-Packing can provide this.

In addition to flowpack soft foil, among others, we now also pack our products in paper. On some of our production lines, we work with small paper stand-up pouches and paper pillow bag packaging. With this 100% recyclable packaging, we promote sustainability and because of our certifications, we also know how to do this in the best and most responsible way!

MPH Co-Packing has obtained the necessary certifications to package all your products in the most sustainable way possible. We therefore hold BRC certification with the great score BRC AA+! In addition, we also achieved the IFS Higher Level. This shows that we meet all requirements when it comes to product packaging, quality and food safety. And we are proud of that!


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Thanks to those years of experience and our technical know-how, we can give you optimal advice on the many packaging options. Ask about the possibilities.


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Interested in Flowpack?

Are you also interested in having your products packed by flowpack or are you still unsure? MPH Co-Packing will be happy to advise you on all possibilities. It is also possible to obtain samples of the packaging. This allows you to see flow pack packaging up close and experience its operation in real life. Please feel free to contact us for this or further questions. We are happy to help you.

Flow packing also allows you to package different products together to create a complete finished product. Would you like to have your products packaged in this way? Then turn to MPH Co-Packing. Request a quote for this immediately. In addition, we can also give you extensive advice on a variety of options when it comes to packaging and wrapping. After all, we have over 20 years of experience which means we know very well what we are talking about.

MPH Co-Packing has obtained the necessary certifications to package all your products in the most sustainable way possible.