A quadroseal package is an upright bag sealed on all four sides. This ensures that the packaging retains its shape. Quadroseal packaging can be used for almost any product, for dry products or sticky products, but also mealy products come into their own in this form of packaging.

At MPH Co-Packing, we have extensive experience with sticky products such as candy and other confectionery products. It is possible to process any kind of material, size, printing and design of quadroseal packaging in our production hall.

The advantages of Quadroseal packaging

The quadroseal packs have four sides and folded sides. The difference between normal side-folding bags and quadroseals is the method of sealing.

  • The quadroseal packages are more stable.

  • Have a tighter appearance.

  • The strong construction makes it suitable for packing solid products.

  • Due to the method of sealing, these side fold bags keep their shape at all times.

Quadroseal capabilities

Because the package is sealed on all four corners or sides, this method of packaging is called quadroseal. The pouches have extra stability due to the sealed seams. Some products in quadroseal packaging can be presented standing because of this. At MPH Co-Packing, it is possible to process all elements of side-folding bags. From the type of material to the size of the quadroseal package. We can also handle packaging design and printing in our production facility.

The method of packaging is very suitable for dry products. In addition, flour-like products also come into their own in quadroseal packaging. Side-folding bags are used for such things as dried fruits, candy and confectionery. Because the bag keeps its shape, these sticky products have plenty of room.


In addition to custom packaging design, we provide co-packing for you. Co-packing is the packing, repacking and wrapping of food and non-food products. MPH Co-Packing, with a complete focus on an effective and productive supply chain, packs your products. Thanks to high-quality machinery, technical know-how and years of experience, we advise you optimally about the possibilities of packing, repacking and wrapping. You can choose from vertical and horizontal packaging techniques. Vertical packaging techniques are ideal for packaging bulk products, such as chips and candy. Quadroseal is a vertical packaging technique and a flow pack is filled horizontally.

Food packaging entails that packaging and co-packing companies need to be aware of food safety regulations and hygiene and quality requirements. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to select the most appropriate packaging technology and packaging for your products. The machines in our production hall are equipped with advanced means of control, such as a metal detector. MPH Co-Packing has the BIO certificate from SKAL for working with organic products.


Packaging specialist with a complete focus on a productive and effective supply chain. Working only with the best quality machines and packaging methods.


Thanks to those years of experience and our technical know-how, we can give you optimal advice on the many packaging options. Ask about the possibilities.


Complete support for packaging your food and non-food products. Advising beforehand, decisive during packaging and thinking along with the possibilities.


Transparent communication and short lines throughout co-packing production.

Want more information about side fold bags?

Contact MPH Co-Packing. With our packaging company, we are happy to support you in the packaging process. Make an appointment for a consultation where we will discuss the various packaging options and techniques for your products based on your requirements. Thanks to its production hall with 16 packaging lines for food products, MPH Co-Packing has a variety of options to choose from. Brothers Martijn and Pascal Hooghwerff run the family business known for personal customer contact.