A doypack is formed by the machine and enters our packaging company as a roll of film. It is a sachet with a bottom fold. Modern and universal, this form of packaging is an ideal way to package food products. Consider cakes, coffee, tea, spices, dried fruits, nuts, candy and seeds. At MPH Co-Packing, the filling process is done fully automatically by the special doypack machine in our machinery.

The advantages of Doypack packaging

Stand-up pouches, including the doypack, have many advantages. This form of packaging is often chosen for good reason. They are like this:

  • Doypacks are flexible packaging

  • They are designed so that these can remain upright.

  • Because of its high quality, the doypack is ideally suited for food packaging.

  • When a resealable strip is chosen, the package can be easily closed and reopened.

Doypack applications

The uses of doypacks are virtually unlimited and is a suitable alternative to tin, aluminum and glass packaging. The sturdy bottom and unique construction make doypacks ideal packaging for packing many primary food products. MPH Co-Packing packs doypacks primarily for the food sector, for example for dry products such as cookies, candy, nuts and spices.

Food safety

Food safety is a prerequisite and also guaranteed with doypack packaging. In fact, our doypack machine incorporates smart control devices, including a metal detector. This offers you security and quality. MPH Co-Packing can produce both large and small runs.

Getting to know

Want to see how our doypack machine works and what the results could possibly be? If so, we would be happy to make an appointment with you. On the basis of a comprehensive consultation and an inventory of your requirements, we examine whether doypacking is the ideal packing method for your product. Also, we will show you around our factory so you can see how we work and who will pack your products. You can also see for yourself how doypacking is done.


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Questions about Stand up pouches or Doypacks?

Want to know if the doypack is the ideal form of packaging for your product? If so, please contact us. We are happy to advise you on these and other possibilities. If you like, we will also show you around our factory so you can see the packaging and the packaging process for yourself. You are most welcome.