Cartoning: horizontal and vertical

Cartoning or cartoning is a form of packaging that uses quality printed duplex carton to package unpackaged and already packaged items. MPH Co-packing has its own machinery with cartoning machines for horizontal cartoning.
Our carton line packs multiple components into one package, such as sachets of seasonings and packaged pasta for ready meals. The setting up, filling and sealing of the cardboard boxes is done fully automatically at our facility. Cartoning machines meet the high hygienic standards for packaging food products.

Horizontal cartoner

Our horizontal cartoning machine has a high processing speed. During cartoning, the product is loaded into a conveyor that moves synchronously with the opened carton. As the box is moved through the machine, the product is pushed from the holder into the box. On horizontal cartoners, the product is inserted from the side of the carton. After the product is loaded into the box, the flaps are glued and sealed. Cartoners thus fully automatically package products in a high-quality duplex carton. Packaging machines are becoming faster and more sophisticated. MPH Co-packing has extensive machinery, which includes horizontal cartoning machines. All our packaging lines are equipped with weight control equipment, metal detection equipment, and coding equipment, for optimal product traceability and shelf life.

Top Loading machine

In addition to the horizontal cartoner, for cartoning we work with the top loading machine or toploader. This allows us to carton vertically, which makes our method unique. Few packaging companies use this modern, state-of-the-art machine. The top loading machine is very versatile. It automates the erection, loading and sealing of folding cartons. A feature of this machine is that it fills the cardboard box from the top. It also has an especially large capacity. Since the operation is very simple, we can carton your products at high speed. This also allows us to accept rush orders. Our staff then works through the evening so that your packaging request can be realized as quickly as possible.


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