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Doypacks with unlimited application options

MPH Co-Packing has a comprehensive range of equipment for various types of packaging. Our doypack machine was developed specifically for filling stand-up packaging. This packaging method is mainly used in the food industry.

Preference for doypacks mainly stems from the fact that this packaging is easy to open as well as being strong and flexible, and it is also better for the environment. Its design ensures the packaging remains upright; perfect for presenting the product to the customer.

Universal packaging

Doypack - MPH Co-PackingDoypack - MPH Co-Packing Doypacks and stand-up pouches are often considered one and the same, but there are a few differences between these two types of packaging. A doypack enters our packaging facility as a role of foil and is shaped by a machine. The stand-up pouches are already in the shape of the end product - these only need to be filled and sealed by the machine. A doypack is a sachet with a bottom gusset. This type of packaging is modern and universal: an ideal method for packaging food products, such as biscuits, coffee, tea, spices, dried fruit, nuts, sweets and seeds. At MPH Co-Packing, the filling process is completely automated and carried out by the special doypack equipment.

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Advantages of doypack packaging

Doypacks are flexible packs that have been designed to be presented in an upright position. The rigidly sealed bottom ensures the packaging stands up and is stable. This makes a doypack the perfect solution for presenting both loose items and bulk products in a professional, upright manner. Thanks to its high quality, the doypack is very suitable for packaging food products. There is the option to add a resealable strip, so that the packaging can be closed and reopened with ease. This strip is added by our doypack equipment during the process.

Doypack applications

There is practically no limit to the use of doypacks, and it is a suitable alternative to tin, aluminium and glass packaging. Thanks to its sturdy bottom and unique construction, doypacks are ideal for packaging many primary food products. MPH Co-Packing mainly processes doypacks for the food industry, for example to package dry products such as biscuits, sweets, nuts and spices.

Food safety

Food safety is an absolute prerequisite for a doypack that we can guarantee: our doypack machine features smart control and monitoring tools, including a metal detector. As such, we can offer you peace of mind and quality. MPH Co-Packing can produce large and small batches.

Getting acquainted

Would you like to see our doypack machine in operation, as well as the possible results? Then don’t hesitate to make an appointment. After an in-depth advisory consultation and inventory of your requirements, we will determine whether the doypacks are the most suitable packaging method for your product. We will also give you a tour of our factory, so you can see the way we operate and who will be packaging your products. It will also be an opportunity to see how doypacking works.

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