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Flowpacks are suitable for food and non-food products

Flowpack is a commonly used and versatile packaging method in both the food sector and the non-food sector. Products can be packaged into several different packaging materials and types. Flowpack packaging creates a completely sealed layer around the product. MPH Co-Packing meets all food safety requirements.

A flowpack is applied as a horizontal plastic and heat-sealed. Flowpacks can be used to combine and package several products into a complete end product MPH Co-Packing can draw on more than 20 years of experience in co-packing to provide you with comprehensive advice on the various packaging options. Your products are expertly packaged in our production hall that features 16 production lines.

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Flowpack is a popular packaging method that uses soft foil to cover a product, after which the foil is sealed. The combination with a little extra air and space between the product and the packaging creates a sturdy plastic pack that is easy to open. It means the flowpack is suitable for many different products.

The flowpack also forms a protective, completely sealed layer around your product, increasing its shelf life. For this reason, it is a commonly used packaging method in the food sector. Products we package in flowpacks include bags of spiced mini-biscuits and mini breadsticks. A well-known example of a flowpack in the non-food sector are the so-called pillow bags for cleaning wipes and moist toilet wipes.

The packaging industry has seen many innovations over the last few years. As well as the flowpacks, we also handle a lot of products that need doypacks and quadroseal packaging. In addition, food packaging is subject to strict regulations relating to food safety, making it difficult for producers to choose the right packaging method. MPH Co-Packing has the expertise and experience to ensure you can rest assured your products are packaged perfectly.


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