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We are MPH Co-Packing

Outsource the packaging of your product to a packaging specialist where food safety, quality and excellent service are paramount.

You can choose from a variety of packaging options such as transwrap, blister and flowpack. Thanks to our knowledge, experienced staff and extensive machinery, we can offer many options in packaging options.

Years of

-Filling jars

Our packaging service

We are dedicated to providing high-quality packaging solutions that meet all your needs.


Whether it’s an entirely new product launch, taking (temporary) packaging capacity off your hands or helping you develop distinctive product packaging.

We support you in the entire co-packing production, from the initial conversation to the choice of material, size, design and method.

Our packaging

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality, we strive to package your items safely, efficiently and with care

Doy pack

Our doypack machine is specially designed for filling sta packs. This form of packaging is mainly used in the food industry.


This packaging form is ideal for packing food in solid, powder and granular forms.


A stand-up pouch or pouch is a modern, pre-formed packaging form for and wide variety of products.


Cartoning is a form of packaging that uses high-quality printed duplex board to package unpackaged and already packaged items.


Flowpack is a popular packaging method in which a soft film encloses the product and is then sealed.


Blistering is a packaging method better known as the blister strip packaging.


A quadroseal package is an upright bag sealed on all four sides. This ensures that the packaging retains its shape.

Pot filling

Our potting line is running at full speed. It is a traditional and simple way to package your product.

Our recent work for clients

  • Carton packaging

    For Calvé peanut butter

  • Tailor-made packaging


  • Flowpacks

    Private label

  • Packaging & Cardboard

    Tailor-made packaging

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